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Who We Are

Plush Turf 365 is West Texas based turf solutions company offering the very best and latest synthetic indoor/outdoor turf surfaces and modular mats. As increasing water shortages and environmental concerns over lawn fertilizers increase, and as more businesses, homeowners, and city governments turn to artifical grass, more and more people are choosing the best in turf solutions service, Plush Turf 365. Our 8 years of experience serving West Texas

What Makes Our Turf Solutions Special

Unique Service

Plush Turf 365 installs specially engineered surfaces including traditional glue-down turfs and the increasingly popular synthetic in-fill systems. Whether it is for your backyard or for the community baseball field, we have the product and solution for you. Our turf selection allows us to meet any need you should have whether it's a sports, landscape, golf or leisure application.

Solution for the Times

With increasing droughts across Texas and other parts of the Southwest, the need for cost effective and environmentally friendly grass and turf solutions has never been higher. Plush Turf 365 offers friendly and dependable service and reliable and long lasting DuraFlo turf installation to save you or business money, while at the same time conserving water. Plush 365 can do all of this and make your lawn or turf looking lush and green all year long.

Our Mission

Simply Better

Providing the very best quality turf solution products and services in order to meet the growing need for more environmentally friendly and cost efficent landscaping and sport turf needs.